Movie Night!

*spoilers are contained in this post!*

So last week I saw a movie hosted by the new OU Foreign Film Club called “The Year my Parents Went on Vacation.”

This movie was very interesting because it was told from the viewpoint of a child.

So the main character Mauro is sent off to live with his granddad because his parents are going on “vacation.” It’s obviously apparent to the audience that the parents are on the run, we later find out they are running from the government and that’s why they are unable to care for Mauro. Throughout the movie we see the government treating people who are socialists/leftists very harshly. At one point Mauro even lets one of these leftists stay with him (the guy was a close friend of Mauro’s father). But I am getting ahead of myself.

Mauro is dropped off at his granddads apartment but no one is there to let him in. His parents have left, to go on their “vacation” and don’t know that the grandfather has actually passed away! He passed away that very day and so Mauro is left abandoned! His grandfather’s next door neighbor takes him in, and despite their many differences, they eventually grow to like each other.

This movie gave insight on what it was like to live in Brazil during 1970. It seems to center around the World Cup especially because Mauro’s parents said they would be back from their vacation by then…

One thing I found surprising was that Mauro’s granddad and the new community he finds himself in is that it is primarily Jewish. I don’t know why but I never thought that there were Brazilian Jews. Obviously you can practice any religion but I never knew that there were Jews in Brazil. So for me this was pretty eye opening in showing me how sometimes I am very ignorant on the history of countries besides my own.

I think by being a Global Engagement Fellow I’ve been given the opportunity to expose myself to cultures, and histories, that I never would have been exposed to before.

I really enjoyed the movie and think everyone should watch it.

And on whether Mauro’s parents ever came back, well you’ll have to watch the movie to find out for yourself!


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