Global Engagement Day

So I was only able to attend the Fulbright Scholar Panel for Global Engagement Day. I found what the panelists had to say was very enlightening.

I didn’t really have an understanding of how the Fulbright Scholar Program worked but after going to this panel I have a clearer image of it.

I liked how the panelists mentioned what it took to find a sponsor and how you need to utilize every resource you have. And even if that resource doesn’t pan out it could point you in the direction of another resource. Some of the panelists were in the Fulbright program just to complete or work toward their graduate program however some of them were in it to teach English.

Another useful tip I learned was that when applying to try and mention how what you learn from your experience abroad can be taken and applied and taught when you return to the United States.

The panel was very informative and I am glad that I was able to attend!!



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