Before you vote…

So today is Election Day! I have already voted but I won’t say for who…

But before you vote I want to tell you some things I learned about at “A Center for the Americas Roundtable: the Foreign Policies of Clinton and Trump.” This event was held a while ago on October 24th but I still think about it even today. OU Faculty and Staff held a panel where they each talked about different aspects of foreign policy and the stances of each candidate on foreign policy.

Some of the major things I recall the most is that:

  • Clinton wants to end the embargo with Cuba and supports the opening toward Cuba
  • Trump is not for Cuba
  • Clinton wants us to partner with Syrian Rebels
  • Trump wants to work with Russia against ISIS
    • Trump also believes that the Middle East needs a “strong man” policy

There are a lot of things you should know before you vote. I highly recommend taking the political quiz at It’s very helpful.

I’m really glad that OU offer these types of events because it is very helpful that OU tries to keep its students informed about politics.

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