Currently I am sitting outside and in the distance I can hear cars’ horns blaring. Which is common in Mexico but today it means something else. Today there is a march going on outside the front entrance of UPAEP. Because of this march, traffic is building up and all the drivers honk their horns. Blare their horns.

I am sitting outside unable to participate in the march because it is illegal to protest in Mexico and my director advised me not to. But I want to. Because this march is protesting femicide. A young woman (who was a fellow student at UPAEP) was raped and murdered a few weeks ago. There have been 80+ cases of femicide this year in the city of Puebla alone.  A few weeks ago a couple of girls were assaulted near the UPAEP campus. This march is protesting against femicide and to change the missing persons law so that a family doesn’t have to wait 72 hours to being their search for their loved one.

I am sitting outside because my class was cancelled because my professor felt obligated to participate in this march.

I am sitting outside thinking about the fact that I didn’t even recognize or know the word femicide until today. Until today I lived in a world where femicide wasn’t a word. And now I don’t. I know that to be a women is to be unsafe. It means to be cautious. It means I can’t walk home alone at night and sometimes even during the day.

I’m sitting outside in Puebla, Mexico- the safest city in Mexico- and I don’t feel safe enough to walk home alone during the day.

I’m sitting outside and for once it’s quiet. Everyone has left to join in on the march.

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