Dia de Gracias en Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico is not a thing. However my roommates and I pulled Thanksgiving off and celebrated it with our friends we have made here in Mexico.

It was a day that is usually spent with family so it was pretty heartbreaking for us. But I am glad that I go to share a Thanksgiving meal with my friends and show them how grateful I am to have met them.

I’ll keep this post short. My time here in Mexico is coming to an end soon. Its a bittersweet feeling as my return date approaches.

I’m homesick like I’ve never been but I know I’ll miss Mexico dearly.

One thing to say is that: Studying abroad changes you in ways you’ll never know. Your heart will grow and your mind will expand.



The Movie Coco


Since I am in Mexico, the movie Coco has already been released. I will say for certain that if I watched this movie in the U.S. and had not been to Mexico that I would not have appreciated it/understood it as much. Because I am living in Mexico seeing this movie make a tribute to the Mexican culture was amazing. I watched the movie entirely in Spanish and understood the majority of the movie. It was a fascinating movie and I loved it soooo much. Just seeing aspects of Mexico on the big screen in a Disney Pixar movie no less!! It’s amazing. I recommend that everyone should go watch this movie!

It is also interesting to not the movie theater experience here in Mexico. They will have movies entirely in Spanish and these are movies that aren’t shown in the United States. Then they have the big name movies (like Thor Ragnarok) that will be shown in English with Spanish subtitles.


Go watch Coco!n It’s great!



Viva Mexico

My time in Mexico is flying straight past me. I am excited for Dia de los Muertos. At my exchange university they have put up ofrendas or altas de los muertos. They are extremely beautiful.

This past month I have seen so much of Mexico. I have been to Mexico City (so huge!!) and Cuetzalan (the mountainside is beautiful) and much more. I feel like my spanish is finally (yet slowly) improving and I am making many friends here in Mexico.

I am enjoying my time in Mexico and I feel I have learned so many things about the Spanish language and Mexican culture that you can’t learn in a class.

I still miss many things about home but right now my heart is here in Mexico. Its a completely different thing to live in a country than it is hearing about said country on the news.

The stereotypes that people have about Mexico are not the full story.

I would highly recommend the OU in Puebla program to any students who are considering studying abroad in Latin America. Also Puebla is so much better than Mexico City (to me at least). It’s the perfect size and it’s very beautiful. From Cholula to the zocalo.

I’ve fallen in love with Puebla!

Adios, Solana

Dealing with Homesickness

Home Sweet Home.

I’ve been dealing with homesickness for sometime now. It’s new for me because I’ve never been away from home long enough to miss it. Home for me is wherever my family is… and all of my family are in different places right now.

I mention homesickness because a lot of people feel it even if they aren’t studying abroad (but more so when you are). It’s difficult because I’m excited and happy to be in Mexico. I love just being able to say “I am in Mexico.” However all the excitement for the planned excursions or from meeting new people or trying something new doesn’t take away the fact that I am constantly missing home.

I mostly just miss my family and friends but sometimes I miss my pillow or my car or Oklahoma sunsets and OU gamedays. I miss walking down south oval and I miss staying up late in the library working on a paper.

Not to say that I am not enjoying Mexico and I know I will miss Mexico when I do go home. The thing about homesickness is that it’s not always in your face. Sometimes I forget about it and then I see something on facebook or I talk to one of my friends back home. Or if I’m having a problem and I think: it wouldn’t be like this if I were home.

I think it’s also the fact that I’ve made my plans for the next semester so now I’m thinking about what next semester will be like when I go home and that just makes me think about home and how I can’t wait to go back.

Although I’m also not in a rush to leave Mexico. It’s a weird feeling and I wanted to share it because by sharing my story it helps others not feel like they are going through this alone.


Anyway my next post I will try to share some pictures from my trips within Mexico!

Nos vemos


Terromoto, temblor, earthquake.

It’s what Puebla is known for. In the past month there have been 3 major earthquakes all above a magnitude of 6. I felt the first one which was at the beginning of the month and was mostly just in shock. I know what to do when there are tornados but earthquakes I have no clue. The second one was during class. It was in the middle of the month. People were still recovering from the first earthquake. I could see the fear in my fellow peers’ eyes. That night I made a bug out bag. Which is just a bag that has all the essentials that I would need in the moment. Sometimes I feel like an earthquake is happening and I have to reassure myself that it is not actually happening. The third earthquake I barely felt but that’s only because it was very far from Puebla.

This past month has taught me that earthquakes are serious business. Even though there are no warnings for them doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for the worst.

Another thing is how aware the general population is of what is happening in other countries. I hardly heard anything from my friends about the earthquakes. I feel that it our responsibility to stay aware of what is occurring around the world and help as much as we can.


Currently I am sitting outside and in the distance I can hear cars’ horns blaring. Which is common in Mexico but today it means something else. Today there is a march going on outside the front entrance of UPAEP. Because of this march, traffic is building up and all the drivers honk their horns. Blare their horns.

I am sitting outside unable to participate in the march because it is illegal to protest in Mexico and my director advised me not to. But I want to. Because this march is protesting femicide. A young woman (who was a fellow student at UPAEP) was raped and murdered a few weeks ago. There have been 80+ cases of femicide this year in the city of Puebla alone.  A few weeks ago a couple of girls were assaulted near the UPAEP campus. This march is protesting against femicide and to change the missing persons law so that a family doesn’t have to wait 72 hours to being their search for their loved one.

I am sitting outside because my class was cancelled because my professor felt obligated to participate in this march.

I am sitting outside thinking about the fact that I didn’t even recognize or know the word femicide until today. Until today I lived in a world where femicide wasn’t a word. And now I don’t. I know that to be a women is to be unsafe. It means to be cautious. It means I can’t walk home alone at night and sometimes even during the day.

I’m sitting outside in Puebla, Mexico- the safest city in Mexico- and I don’t feel safe enough to walk home alone during the day.

I’m sitting outside and for once it’s quiet. Everyone has left to join in on the march.

My First Salsa Class

So I took a free salsa dancing class yesterday and man am I sore!

Who knew dancing was such an intense workout? Some of the steps were easy however some I just couldn’t get. I’m writing a post about my salsa class because I feel that dance and music is a big part of any culture especially the Mexican culture. I am excited to learn all of the easy and complex dance moves that make up the Mexican culture.

Hopefully by the end of the semester I will be a pro at salsa!

I will say my time in Mexico has been amazing. I’m starting to understand my way around the city better and little by little (very little) my spanish is improving.

Anyway, chao for now.


Hola Mexico

So I have started my next study abroad journey. This time I am in the magical city/state of Puebla, Mexico. And I will stay here for the next five months. My first week in Puebla has been full of amazing sights and new experiences. Puebla isn’t like anything I imagined. It’s a place where city and nature has come together. It’s vibrant and full of life and I am excited for the months ahead of me.

It’s interesting being here in Puebla, not only as an OU student but as an exchange student at the partner university UPAEP. It’s been fascinating having the perspective of an exchange student. I feel that this new perspective has given me insight on what it’s like for exchange students back home at OU.

Hopefully at the end of this journey I will be at least semi fluent in Spanish. I think that’s what I am most excited for; to learn a new language and embrace another culture.

I can only learn and gain insight from what Mexico has to offer.

Goodbye Scotland

Scotland was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Today was my last day and I am currently in an airport after many hours of traveling (and many hours still ahead to go).

Today I am reflecting on my journey that was Scotland.

What did I learn?

The most valuable lesson: you make human connections wherever you go. The connections you make are much more important than the places you go.

One of my favorite places I went to in Scotland was the Highlands. We had an amazing bus tour (thanks to our driver Stuart!) The scenery was beautiful and I gained respect for the Scottish culture. I learned that Scots are prideful. Strong, proud, kind and brave. That’s how I would describe the history and culture of Scotland.

After the first two weeks of being in Scotland my body finally got used to all the walking. I got to know the city of Edinburgh very well in that short month. And I had just finally got down the currency right when it was time to leave.

My favorite days in Scotland where when it was pouring rain. One day it poured all day long. Never stopping and never letting up.

Scotland was remarkable and I plan to go back someday to finish my journey that ended too soon. (ONE MONTH IS NOT ENOUGH)

I also went to London which taught me that I’m pretty good with a map and can get to places all by myself. I love their Underground transport system.

There’s so much that happened that I can’t put it all in one post.

However I’ll never forget this trip to Scotland. Studying abroad exposes you to different lifestyles and gives you the chance to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Welcome to Scotland

Today has been my first day in Scotland and the day isn’t even close to being over. I wanted to make a quick post about how it feels being in Scotland.

I’m just really happy that I’m finally here. One thing I will say is that I love the currency here: it’s literally the prettiest currency ever (compared to US Dollars).

I’m excited to learn about everything there is to know about Scotland. Even the little things, especially the little things.

It’s crazy but even though I know English it’s totally different over here.

Anyway, I’ll try to make a post every other day/week. I’ll be here for a month so I’ll do my best to do as much as I can in the time that I have!